Vision and Mission of Academic Vice President Offices


WSU aspires to be technologically driven center of agricultural and medical excellence center by 2022GC.


WSU is dedicated to produce competent graduates, produce problem solving research outputs, transfer appropriate technologies and deliver demand driven community and consultancy services.  

  Core Values of Academic Vice President Offices

Core Values

  • Academic Freedom: the right of academics to teach and do research in any area without constraints to discover and disseminate new ideas no matter how controversial and  pursue the truth in a manner consistent with professional standards of inquiry individually or collectively.
  • Quality in all: Strong commitment to high standards in all aspects of its educational activities, research, community engagements, & support services, and uses feedback from its customers and stakeholders to enhance its programs competency in an efficient way.
  • Customer first: We put the good of customers first and seek to develop responsible citizens committed to the common good.
  • Solidarity and Teamwork: Enhancing unity and forming cohesive teams determines our future success.  Thus, we value solidarity and encourage team work in our process.
  • Sustainability: Promotes diversity in its policies and practices to prepare its learners to live and work successfully in an increasingly diverse society.
  • Invention and Innovation: Creativity and innovation as hallmark of our efforts, we are in a higher education industry where creativity and adaption to its changing environment and responds to the needs of the community.
  • Care for Staff: Our success is based on attracting, hiring, developing and retaining best employees.
  • Faithful to ethics: we comply with legal, social and professional ethics and norms which is crucial for our development; Practices of accountability, transparency, fairness, honesty, and objectivity in dealing with its constituencies.

       Motto: Knowledge in action!