Mulatu Dea (PhD)

Vice President of Wolaita Sodo University
Wolaita Sodo University


Current Position at Wolaita Sodo University: 

Vice President for Academic Affairs

1. Personal Information:

Full Name : Mulatu Dea Lerra

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 27 SEP 1971 GC

Place of Birth: Woliata Sodo Town

Marital Status: Married

Nationality: Ethiopian

Passport Number: EP4934849

Contact Address:

  • Cell Phone: +251921421506 or +251986952730
  • Home phone: +251465514445

Email: ,,

P. O. Box: 138 or 500

Wolaita Sodo University, Ethiopia

2. Educational Background:

  • Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Leadership April. 18, 2019 from Addis Ababa University
  • Master of Arts Degree (MA) in Human Resource and Organizational Development in Education from Addis
  • Ababa University With Distinction in the Academic Year of 2011
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in Business Education-Office Administration and Technology from Jimma
  • University in the Academic year of 2008
  • Diploma in Educational Administration from Addis Ababa University in the academic year of 1998
  • Teacher Training Certificate From Arba Minch Teacher Training Institute in the Academic year of 1992

3. Other training:

  • Higher Diploma Training Program for licensing as a certified professional Teacher Educator for one Year (2011/12) GC
  • Technical Teacher Skill Training program in the field of Office Administration organized by the Ministry of
  • Education and Jimma University From 21st July to 20th Sep. 2003 GC
  • Computer Applications Training from Sodo Comp. High School in 2000 GC
  • Middle-level Leadership and Administration Training at Ethiopia Management Institute 2007 GC
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation Training Addis Ababa University in 2015 GC
  • Business Process Reengineering Training in Regional Technical & Vocational Agency 2005


4. Paper Presented at International & National Conferences:

  1. 1. Leadership competencies to enhancement of quality Education in Ethiopia: A case of Oromia and Amhara region
    States-2018 , Ethiopian Teacher Association annual conference
  2. Paper presented “Gender Disparity, Education and Empowerment: Implication for Sustainable Development in Public
    Universities of South Ethiopia” at 3rd International Conference on Debre Berhan University Research and Innovation towards the achievement and implementation of the 2nd GTP - May 11-13, 2016.
  3. Paper presented in Wolaita Soodo national conference entitled “ state government relationship in Ethiopian public university
  4. Paper presented “Challenges and prospectus of transformative change process for enhancement of Quality Education at Wolaita Sodo University” on the 6th Annual International Conference on Education in Ethiopia with theme Education In Ethiopia : Critical Issues Worth Considering with Regards to Access, Quality, and Huma
    capita Development in GTP II Period” April 02-03, 2016.
  5. Paper presented “Exploring Gender Stereotypes through Managerial Process: Implication for Women Advancement at Woliat
    Sodo University” on 33rd May Annual International Education Conference at Bahir Dar University May 8- 9, 2015.
  6. Paper presented “Leadership Challenges in an Aspiring to Transformative Change for Quality Education in Woliat Sodo University” On 4th Annual National Research Conference of Debre Markos University held on June 8-9,
  7. Paper Presented “Dynamics of Distance education in Private Higher Education Institutions” Organized by Unity University 12th Annual Multidisciplinary Research Conference June 14-15, 2013.
  8. Action Research on “Assessment of Academic Improvement Program for Quality Enhancement ” In project schools of Boloso Sore Woreda in Collaboration of WSU and Wolaita Development Association 07 Sep to 09 Oct ., 2013.
  9. Community Services project “Establishing Pilot School in Wolaita & Dawuro Zone” at Wolaita Sodo University In
    the academic Year of 2013.Paper Presented “Leadership Challenges School Principals Facing in the Implementation of General Quality Education

5. Award Certificates for Provision of Training

  • Training On “School Principals Development program for School Effectiveness” for school leaders in the academy year of 2013.
  • Training on “Education and Development” for Zonal and Woredas Educational Officers organized by Zonal Educational Office collaboration with the Wolaita Sodo University from 27-30 March 2013.
  • Training on “Finance and Property Management and Leadership” organized by Wolaita Development Association and Wolaita Sodo University 09-13, 2013.
  • Training on “Entrepreneurial Skill Development ” for Street Youth organized by World Vision Ethiopia Office and WSU Sep. 18-23, 2012 Sodo Town.
  • Training On “Transformational Leadership for Quality Education” for Educational Officers and school principals organized by World Vision Ethiopia & Concern Ethiopia Feb. 21-25, 2013 Sodo Town.
  • Training on “Project Monitoring and Evaluation” for project managers coordinators organized by the World Vision Ethiopia collaboration with Wolaita Sodo University Dec. 2012.
  • Training on “Project Cycle Management ” Organized by World Vision Ethiopia and Admas University College for the Project managers and Coordinators of the organization May 22-27, 2011, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  • Training on “Report Writing and Record Management” for Record managers and secretaries organized by WVE, collaboration with Admas University College Oct.8-14, 2010.

6. Membership of Professional Association

  • Member of Ethiopian teacher Association of Higher Education Institutions
  • Member of Young Live Ethiopia in Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affairs since 2009
  • Reviewer of Education Management and leadership Journal in Net African Research Journal since 2014

7. Selected Publications in Reputable International Journals

  1. Mulatu L & Jeilu O. (2018). Leadership competencies for enhancing quality education in Ethiopia: A case of Amhara and Oromia Regions (Under publication progress in
  2. Mulatu D. & Jeilu O. (2017). Critical review in Management and development practices in some selected organizations in Addis Ababa City Administration. Mediterranean Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences (MJBAS) Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 37-44.
  3. Mulatu, Lerra (2017). Gender disparity, education and empowerment in Southern Ethiopia public universities:
    Implications to development. American Journal of Social Science, Vol.2 (1) pp.1-28.
  4. Mulatu Lerra and Jeilu O. (2017). Leadership Management and accountability in public universities of
    Ethiopia: A case of South region. Journal of Humanities and Social Science (IOSR-JHSS) Volume 22, Issue 5, Ver. 10 (May. 2017) PP 22-40 e-ISSN: 2279-0837, p-ISSN: 2279-0845.
  5. Mulatu Lerra and Befekadu Z. (2017). Governance in South Ethiopian Public Universities: Administrative
    and Professional accountability perspective. Journal of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS) Volume 22, Issue 5, Ver. 10 (May. 2017) PP 86-98 e-ISSN: 2279-0837, p-ISSN: 2279-0845.
  6. Mulatu Lerra, D. (2016). The Economics and Financing of Higher Education in Ethiopia, Analysis of Financial Policies and Current Trends at the State and Wolaita Sodo University: Qualitative Inquiry.
    International Journal of Innovative Education Research 4 (1):1-16, Jan - March 2016 ISSN: 2354-2942)
  7. Mulatu Lerra D. (2016). The Prospectus, Challenges and Causes of Gender Disparity and its Implication for Ethiopia’s Development: Qualitative Inquiry. Journal of Education and Practice ISSN 2222-1735 (Paper) ISSN 2222-288X (Online) Vol.7, No.4, 2016
  8. Mulatu Lerra D. (2016). The Nexus between Instructional Supervision, Supervisors’ and Teachers’: The
    Practical Paradox and Its Effect on Quality Education a case of Wolaita Zone Administration Elementary and Secondary Schools (1-8) International journal of Educational Research, and development Vol. 2(4)pp.26-45.
  9. Mulatu Lerra & Setiyee Abebawu (2016). .Determinants of Farmers Decision Making for Plant Eucalyptus Trees in Market District, North Willow, Ethiopia (Research on Humanities and Social Sciences ISSN
    (Paper)2224-5766 ISSN (Online)2225-0484 (Online) Vol.6, No.13, 2016)
  10. Mulatu Lerra D. (2016). The Practice of Planning Supervisory Function in Ethiopian Management Institute:
    Mixed Approach. Journal of Culture, Society and Development ISSN 2422-8400 An International Peer- reviewed Journal Vol.19, 2016.

 8. Peer-Reviewed Journals

  1. Promoting Special Needs Education in the 21st Century: The Need for Inclusive Education.” , African Educational Research Journal Manuscript Number-AERJ-2015-034-2015
  2. Perceived Role of the Principal and Effective School Management in Lagos State, Nigeria.” International
    Journal of Educational Policy Research and Review
  3. Leadership Abilities, Skills And Knowledge In Building Disaster Resilience And Response ” Issues in Business Management and Economics: Manuscript Number: IBME-15-016-2015
  4. Transformational Leadership In Nursing: The Case Of Ebonyi State In Nigeria: International Research Journal of Public and Environmental Health: Manuscript Number: IRJPEH-14-075- 2014
  5. Challenges Navigated By 11 Doctoral Students in Ensemble Style Group Collaboration for the Ed.D.
    Nontraditional Dissertation In Practice (Dip) At Lynn University: International Journal of Educational Policy Research and Review Manuscript Number:IJEPRR-15-013-2015
  6.  Geo-Socio-Economic Determinants of Primary School Pupils’ Achievement in English Language and Mathematics in Niger Delta, Nigeria. African Educational Research Journal: Manuscript Number-AERJ- 2015-034
  7. Evaluation of Career Education in the National Curriculum for English Language and Textbooks: The Policy Imperative; Merit Research Journal of Education and Review: Manuscript Number: MRJER-14-130- 2014
  8. Perceived Role of the Principal and Effective School Management in Lagos State, Nigeria.” International Journal of Educational Policy Research and Review Manuscript Number: IJEPRR-15-007-2015

9. Grant Awarded

  1. Good Governance research on South Nation Nationalities People -2018/2019
  2. Solar technology adoption for education quality, student academic achievement, staff retention - 2020
  3. Model school establishment project -2020
  4. Gender equality: Leadership dynamics, empowerment and development -2020
  5. Research Grant for Educational Quality Research From Wolaita Sodo University Research Directorate-2011
  6. Research Grant for Mother tongue Education Research from Wolaita Sodo University Research Directorate
  7. Community Service to Establishing Pilot schools at Wolaita and Dawuro Zones from Wolaita Sodo University Research Directorate-2012
  8. Ethiopian American Foundation (EFA) Graduate Research Fellowship Award for 2016/17 Academic year from Institute of Development and Policy Research (IDPR) 2016
  9. Training provision Grant in School Finance and property Management for school Board members from
    Wolaita Development Association -2012

10. Technical Skills and Competence

  1. Leadership Competence: has high ethical and moral standards, provides goals and objectives with loose guidelines or directions, clearly communicates expectations, has the flexibility to change opinions, is committed to my ongoing assignments, communicate often and openly, create fleeing of succeeding and failing together, empowers others to self-organize, foster sense of connections and belonging, nurtures growth, taking calculated
    risk [courage], managing conflict easily, have ability to take sound decision timely, influencing others.
  2. Social Skills and Competences: I have good skills to live and working with other people, good
    communication skills gained through my work experience as planner, leader , coordinator, teamwork leader, and through training, work, seminars, voluntary or leisure activities, etc.).
  3. Organisational Skills and Competences: I have good organizational skills in coordination and administration
    of people, projects and budgets; at work, in voluntary work for example culture and counseling and at home. Good leadership skill, team and project management and sense of ownership.
  4. Leadership Skills: inspire and motivate others, display high integrity and honesty, solve problem and analyse

11. Artistic Skills and Competences: Tailor in Garment Technology

12.Personal Skills and Competences:

  • Strategic Leadership, Communication, Project Design and Planning; Coordination; Provision of training; Supervision, Mentoring; Team work spirit, Program management,
    Monitoring and evaluation; Report writing, record management.

13. Language:

  • Wolaitigna, Gamogna, Amharic and English excellently perform four skills.[Read, write, speak,

14. Reference

  1. Dr. Kenenisa Dabi (PhD) Head of Department of Educational Planning and Management at AAU, email: Cell Phone:+251911543568, email:
  2.  Dr. Befikadu Zeleke (PhD) Addis Ababa University, Department of Educational planning and
    Management- Cell Phone +251911144218, Email:
  3. Dr. Amanuel Worku (PhD). Adama Science and Technology University, Department of Educational
    Planning and Management, Phone:+251911666406, Email: